Why the Libraries should CELECT LIBCON for Library Automation


About LIBCON - Library Convergence

LIBCON - Library Convergence is a library automation specific product inititaitive of CELECT - Continuum Electroproducts Pvt. Ltd.. LIBCON is our collective convergence project to bring together various products & solutions related to Library automation.

Our objectives are simple, we wish to ease the library management systems:

  • Using best & latest technologies.
  • Providing services for easier adoption of solutions.
  • Provide allied services for optimal utilization of assets.

We are not limiting our services to the supply of hardware items only. We are here to provide all the services related to the library automation. Be it the basic LMS / ILS system like KOHA or the data entry services allied to it. We also provide scanning of important documents and storage of them in DSPACE. We provide websites specific to libraries. We also provide sophistication solutions like digital signage or meeting room manager to enhance the library presence.

In automation system we are the official partner with bibliotheca. Using bibliotheca we not only provide the Tattle Tape systems but also RFID and Hybrid library automation systems. For barcode mobile scanners and printers we are partners with Honeywell AIDC. For Identity Management we are partners with Thales Cogent biometrics and HID Global. We also provide customized hardware related to the process optimizations like Patron Traffic Counter, Fine Payment Panels and OPAC Kiosks.

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Why LIBCON - Library Convergence for Library Automation

LIBCON - Library Convergence is meant for Library automation systems.

With more than 10 years of library management service and over 300 customers we understand the current library systems and challenges in much better manner than others. We provide the continuum solutions for library management. We are not limiting ourselves with basic RFID system ony. We provide all the technologies ranging from electromagnetic security to RFID automation.

Being a part of CELECT provides us a unique positions. Because CELECT solutions are not limited to library automation only. We deal in automation system in a broader aspect. We have RFID implementations in field of assets management, file tracking, parking automation, fastag based electronic toll collection and many more. In order to implement the technology across various solutions we have used different frequencies and tested the reliability of RFID in much better manner than any other competitor. These implementations have also added to our technical knowhow about the complete RFID system.

We have been a trusted 3M partner right from the beginning of our operations and have carried it on with Bibliotheca library systems once the merger (of 3M library system with bibliotheca) took place. We have always worked with the best industry brands with unmatched quality. Thats gives us unique advantage as we know the best of both worlds.

Our systems are compliant with global ISO standards. This gives us a flexibility to work with all the global standard products instead of proprietary ones. Be it ISO standard for patron identification or SIP2/NCIP systems for data transfer between hardware and software system. Not only that, due to our extensive RFID coverage, in case a library is stuck with proprietary, we may be able to bring them back to ISO standards and compliance. Needless to say, we have already migrated a lot of libraries from proprietary system to ISO standards. Quite possible we may have already migrated the system provided by your current supplier, then it shall be a breeze. If you are using a proprietary library ILS/LMS or hardware, do contact us today to know how we can bring change in your library system.

We are one of the few companies which can offer libraries best of both worlds Tattle Tape System, RFID System and Hybrid System. Not only that we also advocate the use of dual tag technologies and we've already got a considerable client base for Hybrid System.

Because we provide most of the library automation systems under a single roof, it is easier for the decision makers. They get mulitple solutions from a single source.

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