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Don't trust your investment to a supplier without the knowledge and understanding of the most important part of the solution. If you are looking to automate your library system then you should select only the best RFID tag.

Get the same reliability of 3M library tags product portfolio with bibliotheca now.

Enhance the productivity and security benefits of RFID by utilizing industry leading Bibliotheca RFID Tags. Bibliotheca is actively involved in designing and testing RFID tags specifically for libraries. This means your library can utilize RFID tags that have longer read ranges, provide increased security and productivity benefits and are designed to consistently perform for as long as your items last. The RFID tag is the hub of the RFID system.

bibliotheca RFID tag on book

  • Best & lastest SLi-2 chips.
  • Life time tag guarantee.
  • 100,000 read-write data retention guarantee.
  • Compliant with ISO 18000-3 mode 1.
  • ISO15693 air interface protocols compliant.

How is RFID helpful in library automation?

Simple: It helps to automate

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Advanced library automation is done by integrating certain hardware components with the library automation software like KOHA. These hardware items are supposed to reduce the staff effort in non-productive works.

One of the most used and efficient technology solution for library automation is RFID. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology to identify books securly and without contact.

So how does RFID equipment help in automation of library tasks:

  • Self-check systems: These are the kiosks where a patron can perform the issue and return tasks by its own without bothering the staff.
  • Theft detection gates: To maintain the stock and prevent it from being stolen is the most complex job for any librarian and staff. Using a RFID Gate Antenna will help resolving this issue up to much extent. It is mostly used to prevent the material accidentally taken out of the library. The gates are installed at the entry exits of the library for visual and audio alarms if anybody tries to take the book out of the library without its proper issuance.
  • Staff Circulation: Using a mid-range reader a basic task of circulation can be automated to help reducing the workload and number of manual processes involved in staff-based circulation.
  • Stock taking Scanner: These are used to perform the tasks like stock taking and location management of the books. This can be used to search particular books and to check the misplaced and missing books.
  • Book Drop: These are the book drop kiosks where the patron is given a feature to return it's books 24X7 without any staff dependence. If placed outside library these allow the patrons a flexibility to return books even when the library is closed.

RFID tag for Books


RFID square tag

- Available in 50 mm x 50 mm size

- Box size of 6000 tags

- Roll size of 2000 tags

- Optional clear tag available as well

RFID rectangle tag

- Available in 80 mm x 50 mm size

- Roll size of 1500 tags

- Optional clear tag available as well

Unique tag design helps optimize performance

  • Our tags are developed and designed to perform optimally inside both soft cover and hard cover books.
  • Antenna design provides industry leading RFID tag read range, enhancing productivity and security benefits.
  • Unique RFID tag design helps ensure exceptional and consistent systems performance for as long as your items last.
  • Accelerated age tested to help ensure longevity and read range reliability.
  • Failed tags are marked to save staff preparation time.
  • 1 to 4 color custom printing option.
  • Optional pre-programmed and pre-printed barcodes on tags is available.
  • LIBCON also provides custom printed anti theft shielding tags to protect RFID tags from usual tampering.

RFID tag for CD/DVD


RFID tag hub

- Available in 40 mm dia size

- Box size of 4000 tags

- To be used for CDs

RFID tag fullDiscCD

- Available in 116 mm dia size

- Roll size of 1000 tags

- To be used for CDs & DVDs

RFID tag fullDiscDVD

- Available in 116 mm dia size

- Roll size of 500 tags

- To be used for DVDs + Blu-ray