bibliotheca Hybrid System:
RFID with Tattle Tapes

Best of both the world: Tattle Tape with RFID for best in class security and automation

Hybrid systems use both of the feature of RFID & Tattle tapes to get the best features from both the technologies. RFID is used for automation and Tattle Tape is used for security. Tattle tape/EM as we all know is the best technology for securing your library items because of its covert nature. However, when it comes to efficient handling and automation of processed RFID completely stands apart. So, the Libraries which wish to have best security and automation combination go with a Hybrid approach.

Combination of the two technologies without compromising of efficiency and accuracy is what you can achieve using Bibliotheca systems.

Get the same reliability of patented 3M design process with bibliotheca now.

Lets remember the basic principle for security:

"Tattle Tape is the only covert security system for theft detection in the libraries."

bibliotheca RFID tag on book

So hybrid system is best for:

  • Libraries which are looking for best security and automation without compromising on efficiency and accuracy.
  • Libraries who want to manage the workflow and material movements in a better way.
  • Libraries who wish to provide best customer experience.
  • Libraries which are already using EM system are advised to go for hybrid by adding RFID to their system instead of discarding the first investment. Upgrading an existing EM solution to hybrid will be less costly and efficient as compared to replacing it by RFID only.
  • Libraries having highly valuable items and lots of circulation traffic. .

Tattlpe tape for books / CDs / DVDs

bibliotheca tattle tape security strips

B1 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 165 x 1.6 mm size

- Box size of 1000 tags

- Use for hardcover books

B2 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 165 x 1.6 mm size

- Box size of 1000 tags

- Use for books & magazines

DCD2 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 114 mm dia

- Box size of 1000 tags

- Use for CDs & DVDs

Why Tattle tape is the best of the best?

  • Tattle tapes are covert.
  • Since the user is not able to locate a Tattle tape so it becomes virtually impossible to tamper with that.
  • Ensure that the return on investment is realised within 3 years of deploying the Tattle tapes security system.
  • Archival quality, double-sided adhesive will not degrade library materials.

RFID tag for Books


RFID square tag

- Available in 50 mm x 50 mm size

- Box size of 6000 tags

- Roll size of 2000 tags

- Optional clear tag available as well

RFID rectangle tag

- Available in 80 mm x 50 mm size

- Roll size of 1500 tags

- Optional clear tag available as well

Unique tag design helps optimize performance

  • Our tags are developed and designed to perform optimally inside both soft cover and hard cover books.
  • Antenna design provides industry leading RFID tag read range, enhancing productivity and security benefits.
  • Unique RFID tag design helps ensure exceptional and consistent systems performance for as long as your items last.
  • Accelerated age tested to help ensure longevity and read range reliability.
  • Failed tags are marked to save staff preparation time.
  • 1 to 4 color custom printing option.
  • Optional pre-programmed and pre-printed barcodes on tags is available.
  • LIBCON also provides custom printed anti theft shielding tags to protect RFID tags from usual tampering.

RFID + Tattle Tape
staff workstation

Process both RFID tags & Tattle Tapes in one go.

Get the same reliability of patented 3M design process with bibliotheca now.

bibliotheca hybrid workstation

The bibliotheca RFID staff workstation are ideal for daily usage within the library. Combined functionality of identification and security into a single operation saves significant time in item processing in the library.

It can be used for initial tag programming, re-programming and circulation processes. All the workstations work with bibliotheca tag data manager. Using a barcode scanner with bibliotheca RFID staff workstations can make your tag programming faster. The systems are fully compatible with existing circulation desk computers, scanners and printers.

All of our models come with tagging and circulation software for faster integrations.

  • Direct communication with ILS/ LMS.
  • Tag data manager.
  • Easy-to-use interface & space saving ergonomics.
  • Visual indication if system is down.
  • Verifier light confirms presence of sensitized TattleTapeâ„¢ Security Strip.

bibliotheca Hybrid
selfCheck systems

Intuitive designs combined with multiple addon components

Get the self check system from the master of self check ecosystems for libraries: bibliotheca

Clear touch screen devices and fast slip printer integrated with library circulation system features make bibliotheca self check systems ideal for your libraries.

Get the same reliability of patented 3M design process with bibliotheca now.

bibliotheca Hybrid self check is available in three version

bibliotheca hybrid Self Check 1000D Desktop version

bibliotheca hybrid Self Check 1000 Full height kiosk version

bibliotheca hybrid Self Check components customized layout

Ideal self service systems which can be used for all the circulation and account related transactions in a library. Coupled this with other integrated services to display information about events and programs and multiple optional components to enhance the library usage experience.

bibliotheca self check system

  • Pre-loaded with our quickConnectâ„¢ self-service software.
  • Pre-configured functions for circulation & patron account functions.
  • Connected to LMS / ILS system through SIP / NCIP based commands.
  • Supported both RFID tags and Tattle tape strips processing in a single process.
  • Standards & compliance: DDA, ADA, CE, FCC, IC.
  • Optional smart card reader, contactless card reader, biometric scanners.