Library software for school libraries

Small school libraries are different than big universities & education institutions in multiple ways and so their requirements are different than bigger libraries. School libraries usually have:

  • Smaller collection size
  • Fewer users
  • Lower circulations

That being the reason it does not make sense to deploy the same library software in school library as is being deployed in big universities. It also does not make sense to deploy so resource sensitive applications for trivial tasks. That is why LIBCON provides a trim down version of Library management software system specifically to be used in school libraries.

This ensures that school libraries dont end up spending a lot on basic library software. Not only that we also provide school library software as a service through our cloud network.

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school library software

Small Library LMS

For basic library system with most efficient features.

When we say small library system, it doesn't mean there is any lack of features. There are abundant features compared to a regular LMS for a university library. What we've trimmed down is actually the complexity behind those features. We've made it simpler and easy to use. We've also made it easier to use the system using our cloud network.

Basic systems in the LMS shall consist of the following modules:

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Maintenance
  • System administration

The user always has the option to go for a bigger system, there is no binding on the product. Your data is safe with us and you can download it anytime.

Why use school library software from LIBCON

  • It is availble completely on cloud. It is avaible realtime all the time.
  • It does not need any client side installations because it is completely browser based.
  • The LMS supports IntelliSense in a broader manner, which ensures that there are no repeated entries.
  • Hardware integrations are done with ease using mutiple methods.
  • There is flexible & roboust MIS available.
  • Newer features & releases are available at no additional cost.
  • Support & training is provided by LIBCON through dedicated support agents.
  • Best of all: our school library software is available in a cost effective subscription model at a very lower cost.