Biometrics in library Identity Management

Fingerprints don't lie...

celect library biometrics
  • Tired of verifying identity of your patrons?
  • Do your patron forget their Identity / membership cards every now and then?
  • Patrons complaining of forgetting their login or Personal Identification Nos (PINs)?

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If any of the above rings a bell, then biometric identification of patrons is the solution for you

Why and when is Biometric ideal for Patron Identification in Libraries

  • Whenever the library user is not expected to be carrying the membership card and can access the library services even without a membership card.
  • Library membership is extenstive and it can be difficult to manage the identity of every member.
  • Whenever the library wishes to povide two factor authentication for patron identity and verification.

Fingerprint Scanners

Basic & faster identity verification

Being a part of CELECT, we are uniquely positioned to add the advantage of biometrics to library identity validation.

Biometric identity can be added to the circulations systems of self-check sytems or staff workstations using biometrics identity validation softwares.

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Features of fingerprint scanners:

  • Single finger or multiple finger scanners
  • Direct USB connection for faster processing
  • Can be used for enrollment or verification

Facial Recognition

Superior Recognition & Identity validation

Contactless identity validation with direct integration with KOHA LMS for attendance & circulation systems.

mobile facial Recognition

Features of Facial Recognition:

  • Full integration with KOHA LMS
  • Web camera or tablet based
  • Direct application for enrollment and verification